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Tape to DVD Transfer

Why Transfer Tape to DVD?

VHS Tape

Chances are pretty good that you have a few old VHS or DV tapes in your collection that can't be replaced. For about the cost of a new DVD movie, you can have your priceless footage transferred to DVD.

Converting your tape to DVD is an economical way to preserve irreplaceable videos, such as your wedding, anniversary, birthday or other special events. Most tape to DVD transfers cost $15.50 and are produced with full color, direct to disk printing and a case with a color jacket that looks good with the rest of your DVD collection.

Transfer your VHS and DV tape to DVD

Video tapes are prone to break and jam, or just slowly deteriorate over time until they will no longer play correctly. DVD's are much easier to protect, and will last many times longer than tape. DVDs provide a superior and long lasting format that will keep your important videos alive and well much longer than VHS or DV tape will. Plus, since a DVD never makes physical contact with a "tape head", its quality remains the same each time you play it.

VHS and DV Tape vs DVD


  • Long life expectancy; much longer than tape
  • Can't be accidentally erased
  • Chapter breaks for quick "fast forward" and "rewind"
  • Quality doesn't degrade every time you watch it

VHS and DV Tape

  • Convenient, but not durable
  • Can be accidentally erased or recorded over
  • Cannot jump quickly to different scenes
  • The quality gets worse and worse over time, just by watching it
  • Deteriorates relatively quickly, even if you don't watch it

Tape Degradation

The image below is from a VHS tape that was watched only one time, then stored in a cool, dry location. Notice the yellowish banding at the top of the video. Even with careful handling, tape is not an optimal storage medium for video footage.

Tape Degradation

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