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Memorial Video and Slideshow DVDs

Memorial Videos and regular Slideshow DVDs are the same in many ways. Each includes a glossy full color DVD with the pictures set to music, a DVD case and full color jacket. However, there are some differences.

Memorial Video DVD

Memorial Video DVD case with full color jacket

Memorial Videos (also known as Life Sketch Videos) are unique in many ways. Because these videos are primarily shown at the funeral of a loved one, it's important that they are produced in a very special way.

The first thing you'll notice with an 83318.com Memorial Video is that there isn't anything to get in the way of showing the video. In contrast to a regular slideshow, there's no "fancy shmancy" 83318.com logo flying in from outer space, no menu to get in the way, and no credits or "More Info" at the end of the video.

When you put an 83318.com Memorial Video in the DVD player, the video fades into the main photo of your loved one and stays there until you press the "Play" button on the DVD player or remote. After the video plays it just fades right back into the main photo and stays there until you shut it off. Simple. We know the last thing you need to worry about at a funeral is how to get the video to play right!

Slideshow DVD

Slideshow DVD

A DVD slideshow is an inexpensive and fun way to show off your favorite photos of your wedding, birthday, anniversary or life sketch. Because a regular Slideshow is usually of a "happy" event, there are more creative and fun options available that would only be a distraction in a Memorial Video.

Memorial Video Demo

Basic Slideshow Demo

Wedding Slideshow Demo

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