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Computer Repair

Does using your computer make you feel like you're walking through sand? Whether you've picked up a virus, or have somehow accidentally installed spyware or adware, or Windows is just cobbled up, we can get you up and running again.

Standard Service $40

If you are in Burley, Rupert, or the Mini-Cassia area, bring your computer in and we can fix most non-hardware issues and breath new life into a slow or malware infested computer for $40. A Standard Service includes the following, as needed:

  • Virus, Malware, and Adware Removal
  • Anti-Virus Installation
  • Internet Application Updates (Java, Adobe Reader, Flash, and Shockwave)
  • Critical Windows Updates Installation
  • Hard Drive Defragmentation
  • Hard Drive and Memory Tests
  • Performance Settings Verified and Adjusted
  • Registry and Windows Temp Files Cleaned
  • Fans, Vents and Interior Dusted

On-Site or Remote Assistance $40 per hour

We offer affordable on-site and remote service when it's more convenient for your particular situation.

  • Slow Computer
  • FBI Computer Virus
  • Dirty CPU Fan
  • Clean CPU Fan